ThermaDry 120 Automatic Heat & Air Nail Dryer

ThermaDry 120 Automatic Heat & Air Nail Dryer

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Built to last, ThermaDry 120 is constructed with heavy-duty steel covered with a tough layer of black epoxy finish.  Each unit is equipped with two powerful fans with heating coils to provide forced hot air for fast drying balancing.  Forced air temperature can be selected by turning off the rocker switch for cool air or on for hot air.  The unit is automatically turned on once the hands or feet in contact with the touch bar.  Additional features include a power switch for added safety, a convenient handle, and a large opening to accommodate both hands and feet.

Electrical:               110V/60HZ - 100W
Size (W x H x D):   11 1/4" x 6" x 8"
Type:                       Two-hand or Two-foot

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